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FN Herstal Showcases

its State-of-the-art Firepower for Land, Air, and Sea at IDEX 2015

FN Herstal will be demonstrating why it is one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers with a showcase of its groundbreaking weapon systems and firearms at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi. FN Herstal will be hosting a variety of exhibits that allow attendees to view up close its market leading equipment that gives military, law enforcement, and special forces the firepower advantage in any scenario.

On display for the first time in the Middle East will be FN Herstal’s Sea deFNder® remote weapon station. Whether intercepting smugglers, running anti-terrorism operations, or for self-defense, this highly modular system gives naval ships and coastguards the armament to be in control at all times. It can be mounted on a variety of vessels, from fast patrol boats up to large ships, and its universal cradle can house an extensive range of FN Herstal weaponry. Packed with innovative features, the Sea deFNder® also has a sight module (CCD + IR uncooled or cooled), one-hand or game pad control handle, and 2-axis gyroscope to provide rock solid stability on any naval operation.

For airborne forces, FN Herstal will be exhibiting its FN MDP™ Turning airborne pintle mounted weapon system. This highly stable and versatile mounting system has been updated to house three different weapons: the exclusive .50 cal FN M3M™/GAU-21 machine gun (1,100 RPM), the 7.62mm NATO FN MAG® 58M machine gun, and the six barrelled M134D Minigun. All three armaments can be swapped in minutes, enabling helicopters to be rapidly configured to meet their mission objectives.

Along with its highly configurable weapon systems, FN Herstal will be showcasing its extensive range of state-of-the-art and combat proven portable firearms. This includes its FN SCAR® family of assault (5.56 or 7.62mm) and precision (7.62mm) rifles and the 40mm LV underslung or stand-alone grenade launcher. The FN SCAR® is now widely used by some of the world’s most demanding combat forces, with 100,000 units sold to over 20 countries worldwide.

FN Herstal will also be displaying its world famous FN MINIMI® machine gun. Over 250,000 of the 5.56 cal model are in service in over 75 countries, including most NATO members. First deployed by the US Special Forces, the 7.62 cal model is now a firearm of choice for many special forces.

Alongside its conventional firearms will be one of FN Herstal’s latest developments: the
FN e–novation™ product line. It offers high added-value solutions that integrate modern and cutting-edge technologies into small arms for improved combat capabilities and communication during missions, and enhanced logistics and maintenance. The
FN e-novation™ product line includes the FN FCU™ fire control unit, FN SmartCore® shot counter, FN SAM™ Small Arms Management software, and FN TASAM™ (Target Acquisition and Situational Awareness Modules) system.

Another innovative product on show will be the laser range finders developed by NOPTEL, a Finnish subsidiary of FN Herstal. These can be attached by OEMs to a wide range of fire control systems, remote weapon station cameras and other military products requiring advanced optronic capabilities.

If you are attending IDEX 2015, you can view all of these state-of-the-art weapon systems and firearms up close by visiting FN Herstal at exhibition stand 07-B45 (Belgian Pavilion). If you are unable to attend IDEX 2015, please visit www.fnherstal.com to find our more about FN Herstal’s extensive product line and comprehensive support services.


Above banner picture: Model of FN Sea deFNder® with FN® M2HB-QCB
Right picture: Model of FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3