Less Lethal

While for most of its existence FN Herstal has been involved with traditional firearms, for both defence and security purposes, in the early 2000s the company identified a growing demand for a less lethal capability. This was targeted at police and other public security forces who required a capability that lay between the baton and the firearm.

Accordingly, FN Herstal developed the FN 303® less lethal solution that relies on a dedicated launcher combined with an impact projectile. Together, they deliver a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain within the impact zone to temporarily neutralize a suspect with minimum risk of causing severe or lethal injury. The latest configuration incorporates advanced technologies that significantly improve safety by reducing the risk of unintentional headshots and enable the recording of the scene.

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Less Lethal Police


The performance of ammunition not only affects a weapon’s effectiveness but also its safety and reliability. FN Herstal, as a firearms manufacturer and the original designer of the most widely used NATO standard calibres, is uniquely placed to ensure perfect compatibility between these two fundamental elements: firearms and ammunition.

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FN Herstal proposes a tactical variant to the well-known FN 303® Mk2 less lethal launcher. The highly modular and compact FN 303® Tactical is available in black and orange.

Shoulder-Fired FN 303® Tactical
FN HiPer Pistol 9x19mm
Handguns FN HiPer® The next world benchmark pistol dedicated to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement

FN Herstal’s brand-new 9x19mm FN HiPer® combines in a single handgun utmost ergonomics, reliability and safety.

FN HiPer®