FN HERSTAL will attend Black Sea Defence

Aerospace and Security International Exhibition in Romania

For the first time, FN Herstal will be an exhibitor at the Black Sea Defence, Aerospace and Security International Exhibition, which will take place in Bucharest (Romania), from 22 to 24 May.
Recognised as a leading designer and manufacturer of top-class small arms, supplying to almost all NATO members as well as dozens of other countries worldwide, FN Herstal will be displaying a wide selection from its extensive product range. These will include:

  • The new FN HiPer® 9mm pistol, designed and manufactured in Belgium to provide users with the highest levels of ergonomics, reliability and safety.
  •  The complete family of FN SCAR® rifles that cover all requirements from a submachine gun sized compact carbine up to long-range precision rifles. It includes 5.56 and 7.62mm NATO assault rifles together with a 40mm LV grenade launcher module that can be underslung or used as a standalone weapon. All based on the same platform, they benefit from a high level of compatibility for training and parts.
  • FN designed and manufactured aiming systems that combine cutting-edge technology to radically increase first-round hit probability with 40mm LV/MV grenade launchers (FN® FCU) and precision rifles (FN Elity®).
  • The full range of FN Herstal’s machine guns (such as the FN MINIMI® in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibres) from 5.56mm up to .50 Cal (12.7mm) which totally dominate the NATO calibre market. This does not stop FN from constantly evolving these products to meet changing user needs, so there will certainly be new features to discover. Less well known is

FN Herstal’s long and illustrious history in the design and manufacture of high quality ammunition. This is surprising given that FN contributed to designing the 7.62x51mm NATO, designed the 5.56x45mm NATO, and made the reference batch of the .50 Cal (12.7×99 NATO). FN Herstal’s range of small arms ammunition, including a variety of 12.7x99mm types, will be on display.

FN Herstal also has a long history in the field of technology transfer and enabling local production of ammunition. As an ammunition manufacturer, FN Herstal has experience in selecting production, quality control and packaging equipment, training personnel, sourcing raw materials and providing practical expertise in production management. Being independent from machine producers, FN Herstal is therefore free to choose the best solution for the customer’s needs. FN Herstal is a reliable, experienced, and flexible partner for all customers seeking to set up new facilities, or expand, adapt, or upgrade existing sites.

To discuss your current and future defence and security challenges, come and see the FN Herstal team at BSDA 2024, on booth 635 in hall A.