Heavy Machine Gun

FN Herstal upgrades its iconic .50 cal FN® M2HB-QCB machine gun

The Mk2 comes with two major improvements whilst retaining the FN® QCB configuration for maximum reliability, safety and effectiveness. There is no loss of interchangeability for parts or mountings with earlier FN® M2HB-QCB versions.

Firstly, the barrel of the FN® M2HB-QCB Mk2 is factory fitted with an effective flash hider, or ready for the customer to add one as and when required. The flash hider greatly reduces flash signature, so both survivability and combat effectiveness are improved significantly.

Secondly, the FN® M2HB-QCB Mk2 is factory fitted with, or ready for easy integration of, an FN SmartCore®. The state-of-the-art FN SmartCore® shot counter allows more efficient and cost-effective preventive maintenance and management.

The FN® M2HB-QCB Mk2 retains all the advantages of the FN® QCB configuration available on previous FN ® M2HB-QCB machine guns.

Key benefits

  • Upgraded .50 cal heavy machine gun for significantly improved effectiveness on the battlefield

  • Available with flash hider to minimize muzzle flash on the battlefield, which reduces the risk of:

    • the position of the weapon being revealed
    • vision through night vision sights and thermal cameras being degraded
  • FN SmartCore® ready or factory fitted with FN SmartCore® shot counter

  • Optimum reliability and effectiveness thanks to the FN® QCB configuration:

    • minimal effect on user training and logistics
    • quick, easy and safe barrel change procedure
  • Can be mounted on the FN® M3 tripod to provide accurate and effective fire at long range

  • Can be used on a wide variety of mountings for vehicles, boats and ships, including deFNder® remote weapon stations

  • A full range of ammunition available including the Armour Piercing (AP) and Armour Piercing Explosive Incendiary (APEI)

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the .50 cal FN® M2HB-QCB Mk2, as well as a full range of cartridges.

The FN® M2HB-QCB can be used on a wide variety of mountings for vehicles, boats and ships.