New Name for FN Herstal’s parent company

Changing the name of a company is always a risk. It may result in loss of recognition or confusion. By choosing to replace the relatively low-key name of Herstal Group in favour of FN Browning Group the effect is to improve clarity and simplify identification, building on two leading brands that made history over the past 135 years and shaped our outstanding global reputation.

It is always a good idea to make the most of your best assets, and what could be better than two iconic brand names, each one a recognized and respected leader in its field. FN has an unequalled reputation, earned by 135 years of designing and manufacturing military small arms, ammunition and associated products, many of which achieved worldwide commercial success through technical excellence. The name Browning has a double claim to fame. First, through the legendary John Moses Browning, unanimously accepted as the greatest firearms designer that ever lived. Second, through the Browning company’s long-held fame for its hunting and sport shooting guns that combine outstanding performance with timeless beauty.

With the name FN Browning Group the company proudly asserts its fields of activity through two instantly recognizable brands, and clearly positions itself as a world leader.

For an overview of how we evolved from our inception in 1889 as a Belgian arms factory to the major international group of today, watch the video below.

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