Another successful EUROSATORY trade show for FN Herstal

The FN booth was part of the Belgian pavilion, with a large display of products, services and capabilities. All fields of FN Herstal’s activities were represented with a wide range of small arms, air, land and sea integrated weapon systems and less lethal solutions, all backed by 360-degree service. Ammunition, with high quality cartridges from a reliable European source, and the availability of tailored projects for the transfer of technology were also top priority for our customers. Well known veterans with decades of legendary achievements such as the FN MAG®, seen by many visitors as faithful friends, stood alongside the brand-new deFNder® 30x113mm remote weapon station and other recent additions including the FN HiPer® pistol, the FN EVOLYS® ultralight machine gun, and the FN Smart ProtectoR®-303T less lethal launcher.

For exhibitors, the measure of success of a tradeshow is the visitors. And here Eurosatory 2024 was outstanding for FN Herstal both in terms of quantity and quality of visitors. Many official delegations spent time with us, and we saw thousands of military and security forces personnel of all ranks from Europe, NATO countries, and from all over the world.

A tradeshow with so many visitors and exhibitors is also of value to FN because it is an opportunity to discuss ideas for the future, which is particularly valuable for a company that has always innovated to remain fully up to date, with products that not only meet today’s requirements, but often create the trends of tomorrow.

Eurosatory was also a kind of family gathering for FN Herstal. Many employees working in development for instance were able to come and see how their end products are marketed, and get a wider view of the market. We saw many of our agents and representatives with whom we have a very close relationship. The Board of Directors also came to spend a day with us, a much-appreciated gesture of support.

The FN teams who put so much effort into preparing the booth and receiving visitors left with the conviction that their work had been worthwhile.

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