FN® Light Multi Weapon Mount

The light and agile pintle mount

The FN Herstal weapon system comprises the FN® machine gun and platform mounting solution to give the user weapon mounting support for all FN® machine guns, including the US variants.

The fully mechanical FN® Light Multi Weapon Mount does not require any electrical power, making firing possible even if the vehicle faces electrical problems. The soft-mounted FN MAG® 7.62mm machine gun guarantees outstanding balance during firing, improved comfort and higher accuracy.

Key benefits

  • Quick change weapon configurations

  • MIL-STD-810 qualified weapon system

  • Fully mechanical (no electrical power required)

  • Soft mount

  • High hit probability

  • 250 rounds ammunition box capability

  • Fully modular and configurable

  • Only officially qualified pintle mount for the FN MAG® and FN MINIMI®

Above technical details are valid for the FN® Light MWM featuring an FN MAG®