FN Herstal's commitment to quality starts with the most basic of quality assurance measures, such as only purchasing approved raw materials from proven suppliers. We understand the importance of purchasing the highest standard of materials in order to produce the quality of products that our customers have come to expect.

In order to uphold our quality standards and performance, FN Herstal has implemented the following provisions when selecting material:

  • Choosing only the highest standard of suppliers and subcontractors,
  • Providing a clear and complete statement of requirements,
  • Obtaining verification of purchased material,
  • Immediate follow-up on performance of suppliers and subcontractors.

FN Herstal purchase orders refer to the standards of Quality Instruction QAI 106.001. This document summarizes all the quality requirements that are applicable to all suppliers or members of their respective supply chain providing products, materials and services.

Click here to view the applicable Purchasing Terms and Conditions.

Selecting a supplier depends on:

  • their commercial and financial stability,
  • their compliance with quality, cost and delivery time criteria,
  • their flexibility and serviceability to follow the requirements,

If you have any questions please contact our Quality Assurance Department at FNH.QA(at)FNHerstal.com.