FN Medium Boat Pintle

12x99mm NATO (.50 cal)
"FN Medium Boat Pintle"
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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The Medium Boat Pintle Weapon System - or FN® MBP - consists of:

    • a .50 cal FN® M2HB-QCB machine gun equipped with an anti-aircraft sight
    • a FN Medium Pintle Head (FN® MPH) which is mounted on a yoke. It is equipped with an ammo box support, an ammo box and a travel lock.
    • a telescopic Medium Boat Pintle Connection (MBPC) to be bolted onto the boat deck

It can be adjusted in elevation to meet the gunner size.


Effective firepower up to 2,000 meters for surface-to-surface and surface-to-air engagements.


  • Equipped with the widely used FN® M2HB-QCB
  • Adjustable in height
  • Can be equipped with the following accessories: 
      • shoulder rests
      • links and cases collector
      • adjustable azimuth firing stops
      • protective shield
      • optical sight
      • laser pointer/illuminator
  • A well-balanced mounting guarantees excellent accuracy.


  • Links and cases collector, for up to 200 links and cases
  • Protective shield, protecting the gunner against the 7.62x51mm NATO bullets at 30 meters
  • Shoulder rests, adjustable in width and length by means of screws and nuts. A strap passes behind the shooter's back and sustains him during high elevation anti-aircraft firing to maintain him steady in spite of the pitching and rolling of the boat.
  • Azimuth firing stops module, ensuring the limitation of azimuth firing angle to avoid accidental firing in a given direction
  • Optical sight, ensuring a quicker acquisition of the target than with the conventional AA sight
  • Laser pointer/illuminator, helping target acquisition and engagement at night

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