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Utilizing the proven operating system and modular architecture found elsewhere in the FN SCAR® family, the FN SCAR® precision rifle incorporates features seldom found in a semi-auto precision rifle, and retains the same performances as an assault rifle at shorter ranges.

The FN SCAR® precision rifle is durable yet lightweight, and guarantees rapid and accurate fire at long and close ranges.

The FN SCAR® precision rifle is available with a foldable buttstock (FN SCAR®-H PR model) or with a fixed sniper-type precision buttstock (FN SCAR®-H TPR model).


  • Enhanced Ergonomics

Compared to traditional precision rifles, the FN SCAR®-H TPR is lightweight (5 kg without accessories).

The FN SCAR®-H TPR features a buttstock that can also be adjusted in length and in height to the operator’s preference, and has an elastomer-covered, sloped cheek rest for improved comfort.

  • High Accuracy

The FN SCAR® precision rifle features a free-floating 20” heavy barrel and a two-stage trigger module (Match type), ensuring longer effective range and higher hit probability up to 800 meters.

The precision rifle features an extended top MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny type rail machined in the monolithic aluminum receiver. Barrel can therefore be removed and replaced by the operator for cleaning and maintenance operations with no impact on previously established zero. The top rail is 575mm long and can accept in-line night and day sights.

  • Enhanced Comfort

The FN SCAR®-H TPR features a folding buttstock adjustable in length (10 positions) and a soft cheek rest adjustable in height (8 positions).

  • Enhanced Safety

The FN SCAR® precision rifle features a manual safety that can be engaged with hammer de-cocked for improved safety.

  • Reduced Costs

Commonality of training and components throughout the FN SCAR® family simplifies operator training and maintenance.


  • High Accuracy

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