FN 303®

"FN 303®"
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Shoulder-fired FN 303® Less Lethal Launcher

FN 303® Less Lethal: The Right Level of Response, in service on the five continents, within law enforcement units, special units, and military forces.

Law enforcement forces facing aggressive, violent or hostile people must be able to react with a proportional response. The use of lethal force is the last resort. Between the baton and firearms, less lethal systems are the intermediate solution.

For over a decade, FN Herstal has been a leader in less lethal systems with its FN 303®. The FN 303® system is designed around an impact projectile combined with a dedicated shoulder-fired or compact launcher. It is used by many security forces worldwide for temporary neutralization of suspects with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk of serious injury or collateral damage.


  • Extremely accurate and efficient up to 50 m
  • Highly reliable and safe to use, also at very close range
  • No recoil, no noise, no flash, no heat, no pyrotechnics
  • Able to rapidly re-engage targets


The shoulder-fired FN 303® less lethal launcher can reach targets with an extreme accuracy up to 50 meters away. Using compressed air in a refillable, ergonomic bottle to launch projectiles, the FN 303® fires semi automatically from a 15-round magazine allowing rapid multiple engagements.
Air refilling systems, optical sight, tactical vest, tactical carrying bag, or tactical sling are part of the range of accessories available on demand.


  • Crowd control
  • Neutralization of violent or suicidal individuals
  • Surveillance and protection of sensitive areas
  • Traffic control
  • Security in large public events
  • Peacekeeping in civilian areas
  • Neutralization of dangerous animals
  • Hostage situations (without firearms)
  • Border control
  • Intervention in areas and situations where firearms should not be used


The FN 303® projectile has been specifically designed to ensure optimum accuracy with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk. It delivers a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain within the projectile’s impact zone to disable targets. Depending on the selected projectile, it can also, in addition to the initial impact, release a washable/indelible paint or a substance with an irritating effect.
All the projectiles have the same trajectory and the same point of impact.

Impact + washable paint
Impact + indelible paint
Impact + irritating effect
Impact (inert powder)


The FN 303® and FN 303®-P less lethal launchers are designed exclusively for military and law enforcement use. Read the operator’s manual carefully and undergo a training course by an FN Herstal certified instructor before using the launcher. Always apply the rules specified in the manual. Inappropriate use of the FN 303® and FN 303®-P launchers can cause fatal injury. Never aim at the head or neck. Only use FN Herstal certified FN 303® projectiles.

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