FN Light Pintle Head with FN MAG® 58M

7.62x51mm NATO
"FN Light Pintle Head with FN MAG<sup>®</sup> 58M"
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FN pintle weapon systems for multirole vehicles integrate either a 7.62x51mm NATO FN MAG® 58M or a .50 cal FN® M2HB-QCB or FN® M3M (GAU-21) machine gun.


The FN MAG® Land Pintle Weapon System includes:

  • a 7.62x51mm NATO machine gun with spade grips (FN MAG® 58M) or buttstock (FN MAG® Infantry) 
  • a light pintle head (or FN® LPH) including a soft mount

  • a feeding kit including a 250 round ammo box and feed chute
  • an optional links and cases collector
  • an optional day and night vision device


  • Fully
  • High hit probability

  • The weapon is very easy to use:
    • outstanding balance during firing
    • recoil forces are absorbed by the soft mount

  • High firing rate: 650 to 1,000 RPM, adjustable

  • Effective range: 2,000m

  • No cook-off problems (open bolt firing)

  • No timing adjustment required

  • Minimized effort to recock

  • Wide angle of operation

  • Fully safe and reliable

  • Easy to maintain


  • Suppressive fire against light armored vehicles

  • Training      

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