From 2010 until today

deFNder® Medium

2010 proved to be an extraordinarily productive year for FN Herstal, with a large number of developments unveiled at the Eurosatory Trade Show, Paris. This included the Medium Vehicle Pintle (FN MVP™), a lightweight, compact weapon system designed for land or naval applications. The FN MVP™ houses the unique .50 cal FN M3M™ (GAU-21) machine gun, to provide an unparalleled firing rate of 1,100 rounds per minute. The deFNder® family continued its growth with the newly-developed medium weight remote weapon station, the deFNder®.

FN Herstal further expanded its less lethal product line, with the compact FN 303 P™ less lethal launcher. This consolidated its position at the forefront in the development of less lethal solutions. Military and law enforcement operators can now choose between a compact and shoulder-fired launcher, both of which can fire FN 303® less lethal projectiles, to pacify any situation with less risk to the target and the user.

In 2011, FN Herstal introduced the new FN SCAR®-H PR Precision Rifle, derived from the modern and modular FN SCAR® architecture. This rifle will be joined the following year by a Tactical variant, featuring a fixed sniper-type buttstock for precise adjustments in length and height.

Sea deFNder®

In 2014, FN Herstal unveiled its FN e-novation™ line. This provides innovative, state-of-the art solutions integrating modern technology with state-of-the-art weapons to provide enhanced combat, logistical, maintenance, and communication capabilities. The former FN Armatronics™ products now form part of this range. On the weapons systems front, FN Herstal’s innovation continues. 

FN Herstal unveiled the third member of the deFNder® RWS: the Sea deFNder®. A variant of the land deFNder® Medium, it is specifically designed for use by Navy and coastguard forces for gaining the upper hand in countering smuggling, piracy and other potentially volatile situations.

Since its inception in 1889, FN Herstal has developed and manufactured high quality and reliable firearms and weapon systems with a single goal in mind: exceeding the ever-evolving expectations of our customers and partners. Our commitment to this tradition finds expression in every new product we design, develop and manufacture.

On this page you can continue to track FN Herstal’s new innovations that reinforce our position as an innovator at the forefront of the world’s firearms industry.